Welcome to The World of Esotera!

Esotera is a world rich in history and magic. It is in some ways similar to what many people consider the “typical” D&D world but in some ways it differs dramatically. The most obvious difference is the use of magic. In the traditional D&D world, magic is used by a select few. Only those who can use magic themselves, or those who happen to have rare magic items (generally used in some type of combative way) can work it. Not so in Esotera. All Esoterians have at least one magic item, even those who live in the poorest hovels. Common magic items include things like eversharp kitchen knives, froststone ice boxes, and flameless torches.

However, for all of their familiarity with magic, most Esoterians have very little experience with non-humanoid magic creatures. Although all have heard as children of a time when magic was so abundant that the world sprung forth all manner of creature (both good and evil), most dismiss these as merely tales told to children and put aside such childish notions as they become adults. That is until the stories begin to stir and for some become all too real.

Enter our heroes…. There have been whispers of change, strange things stirring on the edges of civilized places. Could all the old stories be true? If they are, then why did they disappear and why are they back?